The COLDSAVER Rapid Roll Door is designed specifically for freezer applications operating at down to -30degC. It is a reliable and durable door, yet providing a simplicity that allows non specialist installation.

Suitable for:
  • Freezers down to -30degC
  • Freezer Ante rooms
  • Coolrooms
  • Temperature sensitive areas
  • Hot rooms up to 70degC
  • Noisy areas
  • Door speeds up to 1.2m/sec
  • Max sizes 4500H x 4500W
  • Structure is extruded alum (Alloy 6063-T6)
  • and bolted assembly meaning no weld joints that can rust
  • Closed cell XPS with thickness of 20mm, coated in 900gsm fire resistant polymar
  • Thermal transmittance reduced by heat bridging.
  • Thermal insulation U = 0.40 W/
  • Sound insulation 14dB A
  • Internal Deviflex heating system
  • Soft bottom rail
  • 3 ph or single phase PLC programmable controller
  • Soft start / stop and variable speed control