We offer industrial automated and manual sectional doors for both business and manufacturing solutions. These doors may be used in a wide variety of areas including warehouses, production, and even building showrooms. These are safe and reliable doors with built in cable break safety device to prevent accidents or any unauthorized opening of the doors.

Panel Type Sectional Door

  • Foamed polyurethane panel
  • With special structure to avoid frost penetration or heat losses, thus providing cost solutions in maintaining temperature conditions
  • With optimum thickness to withstand climatic conditions
  • Reinforced by steel plates to provide increased joint strength and stiffness to prevent theft
  • Customizable color depending on the requirement
  • With option of adding windows on the panels
  • Polyurethane sandwich panels

Panel Design

  • Ribs
  • Central Rib
  • Smooth
  • Wave
  • Wave with Central Rib
  • Cassette Pattern

Panoramic Sectional Door

  • Panoramic sectional doors are used in buildings with reqiurements for viewing the inside section of a room.
  • Uses polycarbonate material and louvered organic glass that are impact resistant and insulated for high optical transparency, low weight and weather resistance.
  • High strength and reliability of structure with the use of aluminum sections and glazing.

Sectional Door Lift Types

  • Low Lift
  • Standard Lift
  • Vertical Lift